Percacita is inspired by the little things around us with the concept of “trash to treasure”. We work together with talented local craft makers with disabilities to change fabrics waste into meaningful products through training and production.

Our Story

Percacita is not a work of one person, but a whole community of craft makers and designers in Malang, Indonesia that makes a big family of our brand.

Filled with supportive, talented, and amazing people, Percacita employs tailors, designers, operational to customer service staff that work toward a sustainable economic development.

This teamwork is mostly supported by artisans who have disabilities, such as people with physical challenges, missing limbs, hearing or speaking disabilities; which every individual is strong, unique, and highly productive.

Moreover, we convert fabric waste into meaningful and useful products, so we can reduce fabric waste which can be harmful for the landfill—it could release methane, a harmful green house gas, can take hundreds of years to degrade.

Buying products from Percacita is not only mean owning a piece of high quality crafted items, but also empowering the livelihood of people with disabilities to achieve their economic independence and save our environment.

Our Mission Statement

"To be a Catalyze for Inclusive Entrepreneurship for People with Disabilities in Indonesia"

Our Team

Satrio Tegar Sadewo

Project Manager

Ekananda Putri

Creative Director

Rizky Merindya

Community Manager

Firza AFS

Volunteer Coordinator

Ainur Khafifah

Creative Support

Hafidz Aditya


Our Partner